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Monday, April 24, 2017

I rest my case

This is my final post on this blog prior to the bubble burst (before this becomes obvious). The Great Australian Housing Bubble is currently going through a bursting stage. Initially all bursts are slow and unnoticeable. Credit squeeze started and with price stagnation and fall it's only to get worse.

My prediction for next few years are:

- average price fall in Australia: 50%-70% from the peak to the bottom (initial fall is going to be slow)
- in some areas (some parts of Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, and some regional areas) prices will fall in excess of 75%
- unemployment will hit 20% (maybe not fake ABS rate)
- all four big banks will be bailed out, some small will be let down
- Australia will record sizable population decline

in meanwhile, enjoy some entertainment on my other blog

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